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Country/Region: Japan

Country: Japan


DESIGNER: Mai Kannari

BRAND’S UNIVERSE: Let the romance begin




“The dressed you and the nude you. What about the you in between?”

Maimia’s lingerie gives inspirations to your private life, delivering the

refreshing mood of each collection and suggesting modern ways of

dressing under the dress.

With the elaborated design, the silhouette for everyday wardrobe,

carefully selected material, and the airy fitting for day to night, the

brand is the ultimate answer for women with style who seeks to explore

her life in private.


After studying French literature, the founder/designer of the brand

started to try bringing her love for art and culture to lingerie, which was

her another passion.

Selecting each material by her own sensibility, choosing the specific

colors for each theme, perfectioning every single detail, the first

collection was made. And the story of the brand “Maimia” started.

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