Keynote Speaker – Vanessa Causse

30 August 2019

Vanessa Causse, Trendforcaster @ Eurovet

With decades of expertise in the fashion and design industry, Vanessa has been passionately engaged in every aspects related to trend decoding, color & design creation, market analysis and project management. Vanessa is currently a trend forecaster for Eurovet, responsible for creative marketing, trend forecasting on lingerie & swimwear, scenography, brand analysis  as well as inspiration tool creations. Her unrivalled creativity in fashion and  unique insights of the constantly evolving market environment have brought tremendous inspirations and solutions to not just Eurovet global trade shows but also the whole bodyfashion industry.



Analysis of a mutation of textile creation and its manufacturing process impacting the world of fashion 

September 27th, 12.30PM – 1.15PM  

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