Shine bright like the way you are! meet with ILLUSION GAME

29 July 2019

Country: China   Year of Creation: 2017

ILLUSION GAME was founded in 2017 in Shanghai, China, the product incorporates an understanding of geometric aesthetics, creating a modern resort style through the destruction of “fabrics and lines”; as a cross-season resort category, they erase the season The concept replaces the “quarter series” with “story number”, giving the product vitality that is not affected by the epidemic.

They advocate a relaxed and easy vacation lifestyle, eliminating the hassle of replacing swimwear and outerwear on vacations, and shaping swimwear as part of a complete vacation style, suitable for single wear, as well as for ready-to-wear wear, for swimming and for wear. to the sun, you can wear to go shopping, or even wear to the disco.



The founder – LuTing Shao built the ILLUSION GAME with the original intention of self-exploration. She wants to take me to explore the self-evolution through changing feelings and cognition. She just recorded a moment in her, like she made a piece for herself. Documentary, can see how it looks through it

At the same time, She hopes that other people who are similar to her can find what they like in ILLUSION GAME and get a sense of comfort from identity.

If you are interested in ILLUSION GAME, please come and visit INTERFILIERE SHANGHAI on 26-27 September or their official website:



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