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29 July 2019

Country: Australia       Year of creation: 2015

KAT THE LABEL was developed when Kate Nixon – the founder, just finished university and was starting work in the industry as a menswear designer. She had a passion for lingerie after completing her studies in fashion design and technology,  and so was handmaking beautiful lace bralettes on the side of her full time job and posting them on instagram to share with her friends.

These were intricate, deliate and unique pieces and after a short time people would reach out to purchase them from her, she offered at an affordable price point and so that’s how KAT THE LABEL began.

The concept behind KAT THE LABEL was that beautiful lingerie can be worn everyday, and doesn’t need an alterior motive.




Eventually the instagram account grew and Kate could not keep up with demand, and sourced offshore factories in China and haven’t looked back since.

The brand was originally created because of her love of lingerie, but the brand grew because of demand.


She believes its because consumers are moving away from large lingerie retailers to support more boutique labels with more personalised shopping experience and unique design offerings.

She believes Australian labels are really starting to take off in an international market which is driving the demand here and overseas as well, and has had an impact on how she run the label and the direction she wants it to go.


At the time of starting the label, there was really only the option of purchasing from a large empire like Victoria’s secret or something a little old fashion and outdated from large department stores. Women are tired of seeing lingerie as a sex symbol for men and are moving towards the idea of lingerie as an expression self love, and so that’s why and how the label continued to grow.

She was one of the first labels in the boutqiue space, grown through social media and consumer demand.


What makes KAT THE LABEL stand out is the unique designs and use of fabric.

She often doesn’t work with ‘traditional’ lingerie fabrics and use fabrics that always add an element of surprise. For example she works with glitte motif mesh, heavily embroidered non stretch lace, and interesting trims like metal buckles.

She thinks these aspects set her apart from a design point of view, as customers can’t get her products anywhere else. She keeps the production runs
limited and bring out exclusive each season, which has given the label a cult following and fantastic customer rentetion and re order rate.

The brand sits in “afforadble luxe” space, and so is accessible to your average woman, because she believes that anyday is a good day to wear beautiful lingerie.




If you are interested in KAT THE LABEL, please come and visit INTERFILIERE SHANGHAI on 26-27 September or their official website:

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