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29 July 2019

Country: China Taiwan    Year of Creation: 2013

“NUDE” – Wardrob Essentials for the Iconic – An underwear for every woman who is elegant, confident and has a unique style and style. Every piece of underwear is an irreplaceable essential style, and it is also an indispensable close-fitting dress in the wardrobe.

The simple and restrained design naturally brings out the exquisite and elegant temperament of modern women: microfiber and lace create a timeless style, three-dimensional cut cups to help women present a beautiful chest, exquisite skin-friendly fabrics to add wear and match and comfort. The design is inspired by the basic wear requirements of modern urban fashion women. It can be combined with the single items in the wardrobe. It presents a comfortable and elegant appearance in different occasions and timings. It has the sexy and comfortable European and American underwear, and is aimed at Asian women. Play the board and use the finest fabrics to provide a perfect and comfortable fit.

Each type of underwear has been developed and designed for more than half a year. It is tailored to the super-soft fiber of the second layer of skin, close to the feminine curve of beauty, and the perfect proportion combines the top European fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship. It is commissioned by international boutique manufacturers to sew and strictly control up to 30 processes. Each underwear takes 20 hours and 5,000 stitches to complete, just to create a perfect body shape and excellent taste to match the women in the city.


They promise that every piece of underwear is an irreplaceable classic style, and it is an indispensable close-fitting dress in the wardrobe.

The founder – Crystal Chang was influenced by the simple and comfortable style of Europe and the United States while studying in New York. Shee introduced the experience of the past advertising industry, beauty fashion industry and top hotel industry, and introduced creativity, beauty and comfort into her own brand “NUDE”.

With the low-key and elegant design vocabulary of the new women in the 21st century, she and her brand will abandon the exaggerated and superbly decorative and old-fashioned and outdated material patterns, giving the wearer a new feeling of sight and touch, emphasizing that the underwear should be combined with the fashion and beauty style, and then highlight Personal unique charm.

She believes that the underwear styles that you need should not be confined to the congenital body shape and chest shape. You should refer to the wearing occasions and timing to match the appropriate styles. She believes that the intimate clothing that every woman chooses to wear reflects the individual’s fashion style. Enjoy the taste of life.

Every underwear of NUDE is like a building, which requires precise calculations to show the best results on the human body. Every woman who wants to wear NUDE can understand herself better, obey his inner desire for beauty and exquisiteness. Yearning for life.

If you are interested in NUDE, please come and vist INTERFILIERE SHANGHAI on 26-27 September or their official website :

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